March 26, 2023

If you don’t know how to clear discord chat? Today I will share with you the best technique about how to clear discord chat easily.

When you chatting more and more, then you need to clear the message, because the discord platform sometimes needs some free up space. Discord platform is not big different about that, If you use the Discord platform and if you break the rules then you can face some problems, then you have to clear all messages.

What Is Discord?

Discord is on kind of Social Media, If you use the Discord platform you can easiest way to talk with someone. Discord platforms have voice and video options and they have chatting options. So you can hang out, and you have a good bonding and relation with your friends and family. If you use the Discord platform, I hope you can enjoy your time.

How To Clear Discord Chat All Messages

If you use the Discord platform, you will get two types of text messages option. The first option is you can messages someone directly, Maybe it’s your private conversation it will be secured. And the second option is channel messages, channel messages mainly group chatting, you don’t get too much difference between the two types of messages. 

Discord platform has some different rules about channel messages, when you and your friends chatting more and more then the group admin need to be clear all message, because of Discord platform database create some problems that’s why you have to clear all messages.   

How To Clear Discord Chat Direct Message

If you want to clear Discord chat Direct Message, then you can close the Discord chat panel or you can delete a specific message. Here I will show you how you can clear discord chat messages. You need to follow every step very carefully then you can clear discord chat all messages.

Step 1: First of all you need to right-click on the user, then you have to select the messages and you can select all messages.

Step 2: The second step is you need to go on the Direct Message panel, on the left side of the Discord screen, then you will get the conversion option and then click the X option.

Note: When you want to clear all Direct Message conversations, you don’t get any confirmation dialog option, so if you don’t want to clear first of all you have to thinkin, then you should click on the X button.

If you want to hide some user Direct Message conversations, you can do it easily. And if you want to delete channel message read this full article, I hope you can delete channel message easily.

How To Clear Discord Channel Message

If you want to delete channel messages, you can use three method to delete channel messages.

Method 1: Manually Discord Channel Messages Delete

You need to follow every step very carefully, I hope you can delete manually Discord Channel Messages.

Step 1: First of all you need to open Text Channel, then you have to select the message.

Step 2: When you select the message , then you can see three-dot icon, then you need to click on the three-dot icon, then you see delete option.

Step 3: Now the window asking you to confirm your selection, then you can delete easily the Discord Channel Messages.

Method 2: Discord Bot

You can use a Discord Bot for the bulk delete option. One of the most popular bots is MEE6, most of the people use it for Discord Channel Messages Delete. First of all, you need to install the MEE6 bot after the MEE6 bot installing you have to log in to your Discord server, then you have to follow very carefully every step.

Step 1: First of all you need to go MEE6 website, then you can see the download option.

Step 2: You need to select and add to Discord.

Step 3: Now you need to select an appropriate server of Discord.

Step 4: Next you need to click Continue then you will go into the MEE6 bot to your Discord server.

Step 5: Now the MEE6 asks you to grant specific permissions and then you can delete Discord Channel Messages.

Step 6: Now you have to Authorize the button for the user verification.

Step 7: Next click on the captcha window, then you have to follow the verification prompts.

If you have a large number of messages, If you use the MEE6, I think this is the easiest method for deleting a large number of Discord Channel Messages.

Method 3: Clone The Discord Channel Messages

If the MEE6 doesn’t work properly, you can choose this option. This is the final method for deleting Discord Channel Messages. Now you need to follow the final step very carefully and I hope this method will be work properly.

Step 1: First of all you have to right click on the Discord Channel Messages and then you need to select the Clone Channel option.

Step 2: Now you need to Rename the Discord Clone Channel.

Step 3: Next step you need to delete the old version and then you need to open the new cloned version and then which bots required, that you need to add.

How To Recovering Discord Deleted Messages

If you have accidentally deleted a very important message of Discord Messages and if you want to recover the Discord Messages, you can recover it. For the recovering Discord Messages, you need to follow this instruction. I hope you can recover your important message of Discord.

For the Discord Messages recovering, you can use the Bot, because of Bot stores all your messages. You can take a screenshot of the Discord Message and then you need to communicate with Discord Support and they are asking you about your account and you have to provide actual information with the screenshot of Bot. If you follow this technique, I hope you will get back your deleted messages.

Final Word Of Discord

Here we provide you best three-technique about how to clear discord chat messages and how you can recover discord chat messages, If you follow carefully these three methods, I hope you can delete easily Discord Message.

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