March 26, 2023

The Signal is an instant source of messaging used by millions of people every day to communicate with others anytime, anywhere. It’s a private messenger that features end to end encryption protection to avoid using data from third-party companies. There are a number of benefits to using Signal. It supports Windows iPhone, Android, and macOS. You can download it on your computer and laptop as well.

In this post, we are going to share with you some easy steps to install a Signal application on your Microsoft computer or macOS laptop. It can be downloaded from Google PlayStore or App store for mobile devices. But users have no idea how to run on a Desktop PC. To solve this issue, we have come with an effective guide.

How to use Signal App on PC?

Fortunately, the messenger developed for computer users, you have two methods to install it on your desktop. The first one required to sync mobile Signal to PC, and the second one needed an Android emulator to run directly. We have covered both methods.

To Sync Signal

Syncing is a process that lets you transfer your chat messages media from one device to another. Thus, you have the option to use it on Signal App. It has developed for Windows and macOS users separately.

  • You will require to download the Signal desktop version from the official site.
  • Open and run the launcher then complete the installation process.
  • Launch the Signal.
  • Now open the Signal app from your phone to sync.
  • Go to settings then link devices you have the option to scan the QR code which is appears on your desktop.
  • Scan that code and it will be connected.

These steps will not require you to enter your username and login credentials. Simple sync mobile version to PC version.

To Install Signal using BlueStacks

It only requires, when you want to install the Signal app on your computer to login with your phone number instead of QR Code. In order to use with BlueStacks, you can need to download and install it.

  • First of all, go to the emulator’s official site and download it.
  • Open the Installation file after you download it.
  • It asks you to accept the license agreement, you can read it and check the box.
  • When you complete the installation process, it needs to open from the desktop.
  • Login with PlayStore which will provide you apps directly.
  • Seach Signal app and install, it will start downloading into the emulator.

When you complete it, you can log in with your phone number, no need to scan code and sync data. It works like a phone.

Additional Information about Signal

The signal is free of cost messaging application that was developed by Signal Foundation. The application has no source of income, it collects funds to maintain servers. Its main purpose to provide user security and privacy. It does not store any data on its servers to complete end-to-end protection.

When WhatsApp revealed their new privacy policies, millions of users shifted to Signal and Telegram. Users want complete privacy so that no one can track them.

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