November 28, 2022

If you want to produce high-quality videos from the footage you have captured, you need an editing program you can trust. Video editors are fascinating because they do not have the same strengths and weaknesses. They have different features and some of them only work on one or two platforms.

You cannot use them on every single operating system. Though, that isn’t the obstacle you think it is. People have found ways of running programs like Kinemaster on platforms they were not designed to run on.

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What is Kinemaster PC?

Kinemaster is a video editor that people use to adjust clips, trim videos, create layers over videos, insert audio tracks and so much more. This is a full-featured editing tool that beginners and professionals alike can use to create high-quality video and audio projects.

But if you’ve seen all the ‘Kinemaster for PC’ reviews on the internet, you will be forgiven for thinking that Kinemaster is a Windows video editor. It is not. Kinemaster works on mobile devices. You can use it to edit videos on Android and iOS. 

The developers have not yet created a version of Kinemaster for PC. But you don’t have to buy a tablet to use Kinemaster. If you have an emulator, you can use it to install and operate the video editor on your computer. 

Many people prefer to run the software on their PCs because it is more convenient. You have a keyboard, mouse, and a much larger screen. This gives you more flexibility. 

How To Use Kinemaster For PC?

To use the video editor, you must start by downloading and installing Kinemaster. The process is somewhat complicated, at least in comparison to other PC video editors because you need an emulator to run Kinemaster on PC.

System Requirements

  • Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10 (Operating System)
  • Dual-Core (Processor)
  • 2GB (RAM)
  • 2GB (Storage)

These are the minimum system requirements. The more powerful the computer, the better. 

Downloading Kinemaster for PC

Step 1. Find an emulator you trust. Nox Player is the most popular Android emulator in the world. Therefore, you can probably trust NoxPlayer to run Kinemaster. 

Step 2. Download NoxPlayer from the official website. You are less likely to infect your system with malware by using the official NoxPlayer website. The internet has several fake BlueStacks downloads that are designed to crash your system if you fall for their tricks.

Step 3. Run the NoxPlayer Installer. It will do all the difficult work. Once you agree to their terms and conditions, and you select an appropriate location for the emulator, you can sit back and relax as the installation happens.


Step 4. Once the installation is done, click the NoxPlayer icon to launch the emulator on your computer.

Step 5. When NoxPlayer opens, log into your Google account. This will allow you to access the Google Play Store.

Step 6. Look for Kinemaster in the Google Play Store. Once you find it, click ‘Download’.

Step 7. Wait for the download to finish and then click ‘Install’. The video editor will install in the same way it would on an Android device. 

Step 8. You don’t have to use NoxPlayer. Other emulators, such as BlueStacks and LDPlayer will also work. The goal is to install Kinemaster within an Android environment on your PC.

The process of installing the video editor on a Mac is the same. Because Kinemaster doesn’t work on macOS, you have to download and install an Android emulator as well. 

This is where NoxPlayer shines. It has a macOS version. If your Mac meets the requirements, you can install the emulator before logging into your Google account and downloading Kinemaster from the Google Play Store. 

Kinemaster for PC is safe. You don’t have to worry about crashing your system or losing your information. That is true for NoxPlayer as well. Kinemaster and NoxPlayer are only dangerous if you download them from the wrong source. 

But even then, the danger will come from the source, not the emulator or the video editor. If you limit your downloads to sites you can trust, you should be fine.

Using Kinemaster For PC

1). Once you successfully install Kinemaster, find the icon for the app and select it to launch the video editor.

2). Once the program launches, you can start selecting videos and images from your computer and editing them. 

3). You can also add music and text where necessary.

4). You can use options like ‘Audio Layer’, ‘Voice’, and ‘Trim’ to refine your projects. You can even alter the resolution to fit your target platform.

5). Export and share edited projects to social media sites like Instagram.

Features of Kinemaster PC

Kinemaster for PC wouldn’t be so popular if it wasn’t blessed with so many attractive features, including:

1). You can adjust the speed of your videos. If you want to create slow-motion videos, you will appreciate this feature.

2). You can add multiple tracks to videos

3). You can record audio

4). You can insert text

5). Kinemaster supports 4K video editing

6). You can instantly preview the videos you are editing

7). You can combine multiple clips to produce a single video

8). You can add 3D effects to images

9). You can share videos directly to social media and video-sharing platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

10). You can crop, splice, and trim

11). If you have the premium version, you don’t have to deal with Ads or watermarks.

12). You can adjust the color


Kinemaster for PC is very popular. The developers made the video editor to run on Android and iOS but people that want to use the program on PC have found a way to make it work.

They use emulators like NoxPlayer that can create an environment on a PC that is compatible with the video editor. Kinemaster will turn ordinary footage and images into high-quality videos that the masses can consume via platforms like YouTube and Twitter.

It has an intuitive interface that amateurs will find easy to navigate and use. However, this is a full-featured video editor. Professionals will appreciate it as well.

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