November 28, 2022

Do you want to unleash your creative side? Are you struggling to turn your pictures into a decent college? What about the photos you took with your phone? How do you refine them before sharing them on a social media site like Facebook? Download PicsArt for PC for free Windows and the macOS platform supports it with all features.

You can do all those things and more with a photo editor. Of course, photo editors are not all the same. You have to identify a suitable option from the various editors on the internet. Many people use Picsart for PC. But does it deserve the hype?

PicsArt for PC Download free

What is Picsart PC?

Picsart is a photo editor and collage maker that has drawn the attention of a hundred and fifty million creators. This works in your favor because you have a large base of knowledge to draw from. Once you complete your projects, you can also share them with the editor’s massive community.

Picsart is popular because it is a simple tool that provides templates and design and editing functions to people that want to enhance their pictures. You can experiment with their sizeable database of filters, effects, stickers, and backgrounds. 

You can create and edit new images, along with undertaking collaborative projects. The interface is simple. It welcomes amateurs. But the filters and image editing tools are comprehensive enough to appeal to professional editors and graphic designers. 

It only takes a few clicks to transform an image. After that, you can store the image on your computer, send it to your mobile phone or share it on a social media platform. 

How To Use Picsart For PC?

As was noted above, the program is simple. But some sections may present a challenge for newcomers.

System Requirements:

  • 1GB (RAM)
  • Intel HD (Graphics). You can also use an AMD Equivalent
  • Dual-Core 3Ghz (Processor)
  • 1GB (Storage)

Download PicsArt for PC

Step 1. Visit the Windows App Store

Step 2. Use the search bar to find Picsart Photo Studio.

Step 3. Download the editor 

Step 4. Picsart will install automatically

Step 5. Once the installation finishes, use the Picsart icon to launch the program

Step 6. The application has a bright interface. You will see ‘Editor’ and ‘Collage’ at the top along with the buttons for profile and settings.

Step 7. The app will ask you to select an image. You can either use one of the free images in their library or upload an image from the computer. You can also use any previous images you uploaded. If you cannot find what you need, the editor allows users to check Facebook and Instagram for images.

Step 8. Once you add an image, you can use the college or editor options to get started. The editor is complicated. In fact, it will confuse amateurs because the learning curve is quite steep. It has various editing options beneath the image. You can use them to edit the picture.

People who say that Picsart is easy to use are primarily talking about the collage maker. It has its complexities. But it is not as challenging as the editor. You will find your editing options in the collage maker at the bottom as well. 

Step 9. If you don’t want to get overwhelmed, especially as a newcomer, focus your attention on specific sections. You will find ‘Filter and Tool Picker’ on the left, ‘Filter’ Options on the right, and tool settings at the bottom. Your image goes in the center. 

Step 10. The ‘Filter and Tool Picker’ section has various tools that perform basic editing. You can make collages, add clipart and use the drawing tools. 

Step 11. If basic editing doesn’t interest you, try experimenting with layered filters, 3D and multi-dimensional objects, and layers like photoshop. 

Picsart for PC is not the best photo editor in the world. At the end of the day, the developers want users to have fun. Their tools encourage designers to apply greater creativity to their projects. 

But it isn’t necessarily the first choice for professional editors. Though, they can use it.

Features of Picsart

1). You can erase and replace backgrounds

2). The editor has a ‘Remove Object Tool’

3). It has a large database of free images

4). You get over 200 designer fonts to play with

5). It comes with a multitude of templates

6). Multi-dimensional edits are possible

7). You can change the color of the pictures

8). The collage maker allows users to create impressive photo grid collages of any size

9). Over sixty million stickers

10). You can turn pictures of people into cartoons. 

11). You can doodle on pictures

12). You can customize the brushes, layers, and drawing tools

13). You can make Drip Art

14). The Pixel Stretch Tool warps space and time

15). Flip and Crop Functions

16). You can share the images you edited on any platform

It is worth noting that Picsart for PC is free. However, you can pay for a premium version called ‘Pics Art Gold’. It has a more impressive collection of assets like fonts, stickers, and masks. Unlike the free version, this one doesn’t have ads. 

Pics Art Gold uses a subscription model. You have to make a monthly payment to maintain access to the software. But you don’t have to use Pics Art Gold if you don’t want to. It is optional.

Download PicsArt using NoxPlayer 

You can also download and install PicsArt photo editor on your PC using Nox Emulator which is free-to-use software. Here is how you can do it.

Step 1: Download NoxPlayer for your OS Windows or Mac.

Step 2: Install Emulator on your PC

Step 3: Use Gmail ID to login with Google Playstore

Step 4: Now search Picsart

Step 5: Click the Install button to download the application

Step 6: Now you will be able to see the “Open” button click on that and run the photo editor to edit your images.

These are the easiest steps that you can follow to download and install the PicsArt app on your desltop.


Picsart for PC is a great photo editor and collage maker, especially for people that are looking for a bit of fun. It comes with amazing editing tools, insightful tutorials, and a large community of active users that won’t hesitate to offer their assistance to novices that do not understand the program. 

It is far from perfect. Even though it is free, you have to deal with annoying ads. Picsart can also be slow and buggy. For some people, the learning curve is quite steep.

But the strengths of the photo editor outweigh the weaknesses. You have a variety of customizable features, a vast database of stickers, fonts, and templates, support for layers, tools that can create collages with a few clicks, a friendly user interface, and the ability to share your work on all the major social media platforms. You can do even more with Pics Art Gold. You couldn’t ask for a better photo editor and collage maker. 

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